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Our expertise and experience is unparalleled, making Shoreland Access the market leader for NDT training.


Because of this wealth of experience, Shoreland NDT Academy are able to offer the best NDT training services worldwide, all from our specially built training centre in Newcastle.

Due to the increasing-complexity of NDT methods and the requirement for adherence to standards, Shoreland NDT Academy understand that you may also need a specific training package to be tailored for you or your company. If this applies to you, please contact us and Shoreland NDT Academy can help you fulfill your NDT training requirements.

Please take your time to browse through our services and one of our team will be ready to help you, whenever you are.

NDT Academy Training Courses

View our cost-effective NDT training solutions which are recognised in the UK and Worldwide.


About NDT

Non-Destructive Testing is a very reliable and respected way of determining a components structural integrity.


Redcar College Training Courses

Shoreland NDT Academy is proud to work in conjunction with Redcar College to deliver NDT training courses.


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