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9th October 2014

North Tyneside is fast becoming a centre of excellence for everything ‘offshore’. The oil and gas industry has exploded in recent years (no pun intended). In fact government figures revealed in 2012 that 440,000 people were directly employed by oil and gas companies. A significant proportion of these jobs are based in the North Sea.

There is no doubt Scotland has been the biggest beneficiary of the boom in the industry, however other parts of the UK have also received welcome boosts to their local economies.

The jobs that have been created have not just been plentiful but highly skilled also. But like most things in life, with significant investment comes significant reward.  The average annual salary in the industry being £64,000, more than double the national average.

With the rewards being so appealing it has led to high demand to acquire the necessary skills. This is where North Tyneside now plays a pivotal role.


AIS Rope Access Training

AIS Rope Access Training

Advanced Industrial Solutions (AIS) is the first of two companies based at the Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate that give your ‘average Joe’ a one stop shop for a career offshore. AIS now can offer a wide array of courses integral to roles used offshore. Rope Access, Offshore Survival and Safety Training as well as various Engineering courses are just a snippet of their entire course portfolio.

As you can imagine Non Destructive Testing (NDT) in its various forms is required for proper maintenance and upkeep of the vast oil platforms that litter the North Sea. Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, Eddy Current and Dye Penetrant inspection methods are all used regularly offshore. With regulations incredibly strict (rightly so) on these platforms, it is imperative that there are NDT Technicians available to ensure the strict regulations are complied with.

There are only eight approved training centres for NDT in the UK and for the first time, North Tyneside is home to one of them! Shoreland NDT Academy is now training dozens of students on a weekly basis, with the ultimate aim for many, to land a job offshore.


Ultrasonic Testing Course at Shoreland

The fact that Shoreland set up shop next to AIS has been great news for students. They can complete NDT training and an Offshore Survival or Rope Access course on the same trading estate. Great news for anyone that comes from further afield to avoid extra costs or time spent travelling.

It has been of particular benefit to those lucky ones who are already offshore, who may only have 2 weeks in order to redo a medical or survival certificate and attend an NDT training course. This can now be done in one location.

With experts still estimating at least another thirty years worth of oil left in the North Sea, North Tyneside is likely to play a key role in supporting the industry for the foreseeable future.

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