Phased Array

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Duration: 3 weeks

Level 2

Phased Array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) is an advanced method of ultrasonic testing.  The Phased Array method can reveal defects embedded in the material that cannot be easily resolved with conventional ultrasonic testing.

The ultrasonic beam is swept like a search-light through the object being examined. The data from multiple beams are then put together to make a visual image showing a slice through the object.

Phased Array offers a more exact form of ultrasonic testing and could be used as a more cost efficient method than Radiography.


Candidate must hold UTL2 prior to commencing this course. 100 hours training and 3 months work experience.

Level 2: What you will learn:

  • Principles of Phased Array probes
  • Principles of inspection sensitivity
  • Phased Array Instrument
  • Scanning with Phased Array probes
  • Calibration and checks
  • Software for data collection and data analysis
  • Principles of data analysis
  • Software familiarity
  • Use of software tools for defect detection and sizing
  • Data analysis
  • Procedures for verification of flaw existence and position
  • Reporting

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PRICE: £2700 (includes examination fee & PCN levy) + V.A.T