PCN Level 2 Radiographic Interpretation

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PCN Level 2 Radiographic Interpretation

Duration: 6 Days

What you study:

This course involves 56 hours of training from Monday to Friday (08.00am – 18.00pm) with 6 hours of homework.

This course is for NDT candidates wishing to carry out Radiographic testing; this course incorporates interpretation of the Radiograph in addition to the techniques used to create the Radiograph. You will learn the difference between Radiographic Testing and Radiographic Interpretation.

Course Content:

  • Welding processes and weld defects
  • Properties of X- and gamma-rays
  • Film processing and spurious indications
  • Factors controlling contrast and definition
  • X- and gamma-ray equipment
  • Ionising radiation hazards

Course Objectives:

  1. To explain the basic theory of X – and gamma radiography
  2. To select film type and energy levels, select and prepare techniques for a given specimen
  3. To state the theory of film processing and associated dark room techniques.
  4. To have a working knowledge of basic radiation safety (see note in Additional Information)
  5. To plot and evaluate film characteristics (sensitometry)
  6. To recognise film faults
  7. To meet the syllabus requirements for PCN Level 2


PRICE: £850.00 (includes examination fee & PCN levy) + V.A.T