Shoreland NDT Academy Shows its Military Credentials

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Shoreland NDT Academy’s Stand at BFRS Event


Shoreland NDT Academy took up a stand at the recent East Midlands Military Community Career Fair organised by the British Forces Resettlement Services (BFRS).

These community fairs are set up to help ex-military personnel or those still serving, make a smooth transition to civilian life or look for further guidance and support having already left.

Shoreland recognises that Non Destructive Testing is a very popular industry for ex-service personnel and regularly sees them coming through the NDT training school.

The event, held in Greetham Valley Golf Club, Oakham, welcomed over 300 delegates through its doors.  A wide variety of companies and organisations exhibited at the event including, Allianz Engineering, Dairy Crest and the Civil Nuclear Constabulary.


Shoreland was surprisingly, the only NDT training company to exhibit at the fair. Jack Miles, Shoreland NDT Academy Dirimage3ector, said ‘It is great to come to events like these and maybe offer some advice and guidance to people who are unsure of which career path they would like to take’. Jack, who attended the event, went on to say ‘I haven’t been in their position myself, but I do have NDT Technicians who work for me now that are former military, so can offer some guidance based on that’.


Non Destructive Testing is an appealing industry for former military personnel for a number of reasons. Non Destructive Testing can often be used offshore or on pipelines, where working away for several weeks at a time may be required. For ex-service personnel, this is a lifestyle that they are very familiar with.


The mentality that ex-service personnel possess also plays a part. NDT Technicians must be well organised with an attention to detail. This is something that they obviously have in abundance. Lastly, Environments that NDT Technicians may be required to work in, can be quite daunting, if working offshore for example. Again, this is something that they will be extremely confident in undertaking due to their military background.


Shoreland plans to exhibit in two more events hosted by BFRS this year, both in Catterick. We will be sure to bring you further updates on these events in due course.