Shoreland Welcomes Newcastle University & Her Majesty’s Armed Forces

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Shoreland NDT Academy opened its training centre this week to students from Newcastle University’s School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering along with members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.


NDT may not be the first career many people would associate with Post Graduates, however with a booming offshore industry and an enviable average salary; it has started to turn some heads.


Shoreland NDT tutors gave demonstrations of Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant and Ultrasonic Inspection methods.


Students in MPI & DPI Practical Room

Newcastle University Students receiving DPI Demo

The University also wanted to give students a broader understanding of the engineering industry and prove there are many sustainable engineering industries both onshore and offshore.


Non Destructive Testing is already a very popular industry with ex-servicemen. The lifestyle of the industry can fit in very well with former military personnel as the nature of the job can lead to working abroad or offshore for lengthy periods.


Shoreland NDT Academy is keen to help with Service Personnel who are keen on a career within NDT and are looking for guidance when looking at their resettlement options.


Not only are Shoreland welcoming Military Personnel in to have a look at the training facility, they are planning on attending various Military Community Career Fairs in the New Year.


These fairs are intended to make the transition from Military to Civilian life as smooth as possible. Shoreland’s presence at these events will underline the commitment the training centre has to showcasing NDT has a career for those leaving Her Majesty’s Armed Services.

Students in Ultrasonic Practical Room

Military Personnel receiving Ultrasonic Demo


It is also the first opportunity the NDT Training centre has had t showcase its new Dark Room which is complete with a Dye Penetrant Line and Magnetic Particle Bench.


Shoreland also added a second practical room due to the ever increasing demand from students to book on to the plethora of courses Shoreland NDT Academy has to offer.




Shoreland Academy Dark Room

Shoreland Academy Dark Room with Dye Penetrant Line & Magnetic Particle Bench